The Facility

Wessex Packaging Ltd. was founded in 1984 in Surrey, British Columbia. The business relocated to Delta, BC, in 1987 where the facility currently accommodates both small and high volume production runs for pre-planned, on-going businesses and also urgent, rush orders. Wessex Packaging caters primarily to the food and retail industries and presently ships throughout North America.


Food Safety

Our food safe program mirrors the standards set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Daily cleaning consists of vacuuming and mopping floors and disinfecting container contact points. All operators handling and packaging product are required to wash hands before commencing work and must wear food-safe gloves and mop-caps.



Thermoforming is a manufacturing process for thermoplastic film. The sheet of plasticĀ is heated with infrared, electrical heaters. The sheet in indexed forward to the single surface mold station. The molds are CNC machined out of aluminum, although for small proof runs wood and epoxy molds are used.
The sheet is held against the mold using positive air pressure and negative vacuum until the molded plastic has cooled. The part is then trim cut in place or inline post cutting, followed our in line stacker that removes the part from the web into the magazine. The final product is visually inspected then packed into shipping cartons that are lines with a poly bags. The web generated is now granulated are sold for further processing.